East End Scholars – Mentor Program

The East End Scholars mission is committed to serving the educational and
communal needs of Houston’s East End by partnering with public officials,
Chamber members, and the community to offer workforce development,
monetary support and guidance to local students.

Founded in 2006, The Foundation is committed to supporting the
educational needs of area students and has awarded over $320,000 in
scholarships the last 11 years. Students receive recognition at our Annual
Education Symposium where we strive to bridge industry and education by
building an effective workforce.

After receiving their scholarships, students are placed in our mentorship
program where they are partnered with industry professionals from our
community. The Mentor Program is designed to help our students succeed
in school and in their careers.


If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or contributing to the scholarship fund, let us
know. Or, contact us if you’re interested in having your school participate in the program.